Talented Indian fashion designer Anju Modi has seen the Indian Fashion Industry take the world by storm, and she has contributed immensely to its popularity and success worldwide. A revered couturier who made her mark in 1990, Anju Modi is today one of the leading fashion designers of the country. Her designer tunics are known for their enticing passionate appeal and mesmerizing designs and their owners consider themselves truly privileged. They say her designer kurtis are a reflection of the interplay of romance and innocence and hence widely popular. 

 Anju Modi is a prominent Indian fashion designer with a keen sense of aesthetics, tradition and culture of the land. Over the years, she has been actively involved in development of the traditional fabric and creating and evolving a contemporary product. From the zari works of Varanasi, alluring designs of venkatgitri, sought after Bandhanis from Kutch to classy Chanderis of Maharashtra and Kota fabrics from the colourful Rajasthan, Anju Modi has adapted from every nook and corner of the country. A respected figure in the international fashion scene, Anju is one of the founding members of Fashion Design Council of India.


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